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How to keep your entertainment center wires under control

A really common problem for the modern living room is the plethora of wires emanating from the entertainment center. The most likely culprit is a videogame console, as each controller has a wire -- a very long wire, and there are often many controllers. These wires are quite unsightly, and do not make for good impression in your living room, den or common area.

Too many wires!Too many wires!

The solution to this from a surprisingly simple: go wireless! Since the most common problem is with videogame controllers, this is probably the best place to start. For older generation consoles, such as GameCube, PlayStation two, etc. wireless versions of the controllers are available, when coupled with a wireless adapter dongle which attaches to the console to relay the data from the wireless controller into the main unit. A different approach, is to upgrade your counsel: the current generation video game consoles come with wireless controllers standard, including the PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, etc. wire problem, and simply tuck the controllers out of sight when not in use, perhaps on a shelf below a coffee table, etc.

Another common source for wires in the living room, is the ethernet cable -- the cable the may connect your laptop or desktop to the Internet. You can easily eliminate this cable using a wi-fi wireless Internet router. Most modern laptops are equipped with WiFi out-of-the-box; and if this is not available, you can buy a USB WiFi adapter dongle to plug into your laptop.

by Kimberly Prescott on Sun, 12/13/2009 - 01:55

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