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How to keep your desk neat, tidy and nice -- tips and more!

It is very difficult to keep your desk and work area clear of papers, sticky notes, and other distracting junk! Some have even written that this is a good way to organize your work area, as subtle cues within your disorganized mess can help you stay organized or remind you to do certain things. However, if it goes too far then it looks bad/unprofessional *and* you can't find anything either. That is not what you want.

You don't want your desk to look like this!You don't want your desk to look like this!

Therefore we provide a few helpful tips on how to keep your desk organized:

- Avoid keeping stuff that has no use whatsoever -- such as drink bottles/cans. Also get rid of food items, takeout cartons, etc. You don't need this stuff so toss it!

- Get rid of printouts every 2 months that are no longer needed -- these can really pile up over time. Some is good but a lot can be too much!

- Get rid of sticky notes every 2 months that are no longer needed -- these can also really pile up.

- Toss junk mail every 2 months or so.

- Consider a whiteboard instead of stickynotes since these are easier to "clear".

by Margaret Walker on Wed, 02/17/2010 - 02:11

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