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How to install OpenNI in Windows: Open Source Kinect Drivers in Windows

To get the sample applications included with OpenNI to run, you will need to install 3 separate packages; one of them is OpenNI. To get Kinect data with Skeleton tracking to work in Windows, follow these steps:

- Download and install OpenNI or later

Note the activation key on the download page -- you will need to enter this key when you install it.

- Download and install SensorKinect 5.0.0 or later

- Download and install NITE or later

- To compile the Sample apps you will need Visual Studio. The binaries are included if you just want to run them. We used Visual Studio 2010 but in theory VS 2008 should work as well.

Once you have installed all of this, plug the Kinect Sensor into your USB port, and plug the Kinect's power adapter in as well.

Then simply open the solution for the sample you are interested in and press F5 in Visual Studio.

by Margaret Walker on Thu, 02/17/2011 - 02:56

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