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How to help to protect yourself from identity theft with a paper shredder

Identity theft is a serious problem in the modern era. The advent of the information age, combined with organized crime, has produced a dangerous environment for your identity. Although there are certainly no guarantees, and you might consider getting identity theft insurance, one thing that can certainly help is getting a paper shredder. Paper ShredderPaper Shredder You should use it to destroy a whole your monthly bills, credit card offers, and other paper-based sources for critical personal information. Throwing this type of information directly into a recycle bin, or the trash could result in someone stealing his information. Be careful though, paper shredders can be sharp so watch your fingers! Another related, and important step in protecting your identity, is to cut up expired credit cards, social security cards, and any other sources of identity information such as checks, check books, etc.

Remember, these will not ensure that your identity is safe alone, and should therefore only be a part of your overall strategy in protecting your identity, and monitoring your credit, but could help to reduce your exposure. Another closely related problem, is that when you move, you may forget to redirect your mail. This could lead to the new tenants of your old house or apartment and receiving confidential information, such as credit card statements, telephone bills, etc. Always be sure to create a mail forwarding option with the post office prior to your move.

by Kimberly Prescott on Fri, 12/11/2009 - 07:24

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