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How to give a good massage with video

Giving a good massage is not as hard as you might think. While you can really perform any kind of gentle massage motions on person getting the massage and have it feel good, there are some established techniques that work especially well. Below are full You don't have to be a professional to give a good massageYou don't have to be a professional to give a good massageinstructions on how to give a professional quality massage. Giving the best massages takes a little time, but you’ll have no trouble finding volunteers to practice on.

1. Tell your subject to lie belly-down on a firm bed or the floor if it is comfortably carpeted and clean. Stand next to them and start by touching their lower back and the spot between the shoulders gently with the palms of your hands. Move slowly in small circles to ease them up a bit.

2. Next run your thumbs down their back along both sides of their spine. If you are going to use massage oil, apply some to your hands and rub them together. Apply it Running your thumbs down each side of their spineRunning your thumbs down each side of their spinesmoothly in one big motion by moving your hands down their neck and back near the spine, sliding over to each side and then moving back up their sides.

3. Slide the palms of your hands from their spine out to their sides. Repeat this moving up and down their back. Knead the back of their neck with your thumbs very gently moving up and down. Find the softer fleshy areas in their back and butt. Massage these gently with your palms moving in small circles to release tension. Help to ease out tight muscles by pushing on them with your fingertips. The best places to focus on are near the inward points of each shoulder blade, the central back, the lower back close to the spine, and muscle groups next to the spine one or two inches above each shoulder blade. Move your fingers in little circles in the fleshy areas around their spine and shoulders.

4. Take their arms and move them in gentle circles. Make sure to tell them that you’re doing this. Finish with gentle motions with the palms of your hands moving up their back and slowly down each arm.

Here’s a video of a professional giving a massage using many of the techniques described in this article. It should give you a good idea of what to do.

by Jennifer Huntington on Sat, 01/16/2010 - 03:23


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