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How to get streaming videos to work: Fixing broken streaming videos and slow buffering

Streaming videos online is great, provided they work. Their few things more frustrating than a video that refuses to buffer or gives you a black screen. Here are some easy ways to fix these problems:

Refresh the page, reload the video, or skip forward or backward in the video.
One way to fix streaming videosOne way to fix streaming videos
Right click on the video player and go to Settings. In the Display tab (first on the left) uncheck the box for Enable Hardware Acceleration. Sometimes graphics cards are not compatible with this type of acceleration, even if they’re brand new.

Go to the video player’s Settings. In the Local Storage tab (third from the left), drag the slider to 10MB or Unlimited for a longer video.

Update your Flash video player if you’re using flash. Divx, Veoh, and other web players may have new updates as well if you are using those.

Start the video playing and pause it at the 3-second mark. Let it buffer most or all the way, then play the video. This method works well even if it is slow.

For out of sync audio, read our guide to fixing broken audio in streaming videos.

Disclaimer: Downloading and streaming copyright material is illegal in many countries: you should not do this. Please only use these tips for finding legal videos. Also please be careful on these sites as some of them have malicious spyware. Use anti-virus software and a secure web browser. We are not responsible for any actions that you take on these sites or anything that happens as a result of visiting them.

by Brandi Roberts on Mon, 01/18/2010 - 10:38

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