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How to get a World of Warcraft Game Master or WoW GM Ticket Serviced Quickly

With some of the recent patch changes to World of Warcraft, increasing volumes of problems have left WoW game masters swamped with problem tickets. If you have been frustrated by this problem, with the sometimes 8 and 12 hour ticket servicing times, then look no further: we have a solution. GMs often search for common GM Tickets can be sped upGM Tickets can be sped uperrors among multiple problem tickets using an automated search engine. If the same problem is reported by multiple people or if the same keywords are used in more than one ticket, it becomes much more likely that the problem will come to their attention ahead of other tickets and thus get serviced faster. So basically, get your friends to submit a similarly worded problem ticket with the same important keywords, especially item, location, and character names. You will notice a drastic reduction in service time and save yourself a lot of frustration.

by Rachel Bassett on Wed, 04/28/2010 - 14:50

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