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How to get a Passport in Under 24 Hours: The Fastest way to get a Passport, Faster than Rush Service

Getting a passport can be extremely painful and time consuming, especially when you have a time limit on your travel plans. Rush service is always an alternative, but an extra $60 and a two week wait are probably not what you want if you are really in a hurry.
It is possible to get a passport in less than 24 hoursIt is possible to get a passport in less than 24 hours
There is a much faster way to get a passport that is not mentioned on the official website. Go to a regional passport agency and tell them that you need a passport immediately due to upcoming travel needs. They can process a passport application in as little as under 24 hours. These passport agencies are located in numerous large cities throughout the country. Here is a list of cities with passport agencies: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Minneapolis, Tucson, Dallas, Houston, Hartford, New Orleans, Miami, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Detroit, Chicago, and Minneapolis.

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by Susan White on Tue, 03/16/2010 - 19:37

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