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How to get Unbanned from Starcraft Removing a Permanent Ban of your CD Key or Account from Blizzard

Starcraft is a classic game, and getting banned from its online play is a terrible thing. Many rumors have been spread concerning different ways to remove such bans and restore the ability to play online.
Is it possible to get unbanned from Starcraft?Is it possible to get unbanned from Starcraft?
Our team of software engineers and experts has examined this prospect and delivered their report: this is entirely not possible. No form of third-party hack, patch, code, or software of any kind has the capability of lifting a perm ban put into effect by Blizzard. Please be aware that websites and people claiming to be able to accomplish this are most likely attempting to install spyware on your computer. Be well aware of this and be careful. Instead of trying this kind of underhanded approach, it is much more viable to speak to Blizzard directly. Talking to a company rep may result in a positive outcome.

Disclaimer: We do not condone any use of illegal or unofficial hacks or other means of circumventing imposed account restrictions from this company, game, or any other. This article is meant entirely for informational purposes. Do not violate your EULA agreement.

by Rachel Bassett on Thu, 04/22/2010 - 17:49

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