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How to get Unbanned from Diablo 2 Removing a Permanent Ban from a Blizzard Account or CD Key

There is nothing worse than getting banned from your favorite game. It is even worse when the ban is permanent as there is little you can do at that point. There have been numerous rumors circulating that it is possible to download a hack or bot program or even a code that can be used to lift a perm ban on a Diablo 2 account or CD key. Let us examine this.
Is it possible to remove a Diablo 2 perm ban?Is it possible to remove a Diablo 2 perm ban?
Our site experts have looked into this issue thoroughly and come to a full conclusion. It is not possible to lift a ban on your account through the use of any sort of third-party program or hack. If you see websites advertising the capability to perform this, be very wary. They are most likely setting you up as a target for viruses and spyware and attempt to steal your personal information or account. You should also know that use of such a program would most likely violate the end-user license agreement given by blizzard for this product, which is illegal. The only solution to a permanent ban from Diablo 2 is to buy a new copy of the game and start a new account. Another possible but unlikely solution is to speak to customer service or a blizzard administrator, moderator, game master, or administrator about your situation and attempt to work out a compromise.

Disclaimer: We do not condone any use of illegal or unofficial hacks or other means of circumventing imposed account restrictions from this company, game, or any other. This article is meant entirely for informational purposes. Do not violate your EULA agreement.

by Rachel Bassett on Thu, 04/22/2010 - 17:31

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