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How to fix OnLive error code a25? Logging in error, username and password error

For those lucky enough to be in the OnLive a25 public beta, things usually work quite well. However, sometimes either of the following can happen:

- Error a25 (shown in gray, at the bottom, left corner) "An Error Has Occurred" You have been disconnected from the OnLive Game Service. Would you like to reconnect?
- Invalid Email Address or Password (even though you repeatedly type in the correct password)

If either of these errors occur, then you should try the following:

- If you keep getting the repeat password, sometimes you will have to just keep typing in the same password 10 times and eventually it will take it
- Try another computer
- Try another network (e.g. go over to a friend's house, etc.)
- Try another web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer vs. Firefox; Chrome is not supported)
- Try calling OnLive - they have a toll free telephone support number that can help

by Margaret Walker on Sat, 06/26/2010 - 21:09


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