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How to boost/increase sound volume in Windows?

On many setups, particularly laptops, when watching a DVD or other naturally quiet video/audio item it can be very difficult to hear, even when every slider is cranked. Luckily, in Windows Vista and Windows 7 there is an easy fix that doesn't require you to install any new software.

Bosting your sound volume in Windows to an increased level -- this is how to do it!Bosting your sound volume in Windows to an increased level -- this is how to do it!

Simply follow the following steps:

- Open the control panel

- Click on Classic View

- Click on Sound

- Click on Speakers, then click on Properties

- Click on the Enhancements tab

- Check the box next to Loudness Equalization

- Click Apply

- Click OK

That's it! Your volume should be substantially louder!

Note that loud volume/sound from your computer speakers or headphones can damage your hearing so be sure to understand the health impact of increasing the volume. This is provided for informational use only and is best used for cases where the source sound is impossible to hear even when the sound has already been increased to the maximum level.

by Margaret Walker on Wed, 02/17/2010 - 19:55

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