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How to become a Radiology Coder

A radiology coder is an important job. The primary responsibility of radiology coder is to handle the billing of radiology related tasks and operations. This requires a detailed understanding of public standards such as ICD-9 and CPT. These standards are critical for insurance billing purposes. Radiology coders are expected to have at least some college, and become certified through a standard available board protocol, such as CMAA (Certified Medical Administrative Assistant), CBCS (Certified Billing and Coding Specialist) or CPC (Certified Professional Coder). These programs need to be AHIMA-approved. Other skills that are important, or basic understanding of computer spreadsheets, typing skills, using computer software, as well as understanding simple accounting concepts. Therefore it is recommended that in college you take accounting courses to understand basic concepts related to billing, as well as raise computer courses. Finally it is important to understand medical terminology, medical processes, information technology for health management, as well as legal considerations.
by Margaret Walker on Sat, 10/02/2010 - 06:54

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