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How to Unlock Diablo 2 Ladder Only Content in Single Player: Pandemonium Event, Uber Diablo/Tristram, and Ladder Rune Words/Uniques Patch 1.13

It can be frustrating for fans of Diablo 2’s single player knowing that a lot of new content is not available to them. Uber Tristram, summoning Uber Diablo and all of the neat items recently released by Blizzard have only been released on the ladder. But there is good news: There are ways to experience Diablo 2 Ladder content in single playerThere are ways to experience Diablo 2 Ladder content in single playerthere are some ways to get around this restriction and join in on the fun (however, please read the disclaimer before doing so).

The first and easiest method is to use what is called the Single Player Ladder Mod. This mod simply enables use of all Ladder Only runewords and uniques in single player. It even enables certain items not normally available such as the Constricting Ring and the rune word Plague.

To fully enable the Pandemonium Event and Uber Diablo Clone summoning, there is another mod called Plugy version 9.00. Among its other useful features (such as unlimited stash and item transfering), it will allow you to experience all ladder content in a single player game. Please make sure to read Plugy’s disclaimers and pre-installation notes before using it.

Disclaimer: If use of any these suggestions causes you to violate Diablo 2’s terms of use agreement in any way, please refrain from doing so. This article is meant only for informative purposes and does not endorse violation of copyrights or EULA agreements.

by Rachel Bassett on Tue, 04/20/2010 - 13:37

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