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How to Disable Aero Shake Gesture in Windows 7? Stop/disable shake minimize all windows

Ah, Aero Shake. Why are you so annoying? Follow this simple guide to turn this feature off once and for all.

Aero Shake Gesture -- How to disable it?!!Aero Shake Gesture -- How to disable it?!!

- Hold down the Windows key and press R. This will open the run window.

- Type gpedit.msc and press enter.

- Now select User Configuration, then Administrative Templates, and then Desktop

- Scroll down and choose "Turn off Aero Shake window minimizing mouse gesture"

- Double click on it

- Choose Enabled (not Disabled). This will turn on the policy, which will turn off the feature.

- That's it - try shaking a window, observe how it does NOT minimize everything on your screen. No reboot required! If it's not working try reading the steps again carefully.

by Margaret Walker on Thu, 07/01/2010 - 21:49

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