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How to Change Difficulty Level on a Character in Twilight Using the Console

While playing twilight, you may have noticed that some of the lower difficulty levels are quite easy. If you want to change the current difficulty level for a character that you’ve already started, there is a very simple process to do this. First, enable the console. For more details on enabling the Torchlight is a fun game, but how can you change the difficulty?Torchlight is a fun game, but how can you change the difficulty?console, read our brief guide. Open the console by holding the shift and ~ keys. Now type “setdifficulty [0-3]”, with 0 being easy difficulty and 3 being very hard. If you have the latest patch installed this will not label your character as a cheater.

by Rachel Bassett on Fri, 05/14/2010 - 21:45

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