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How much does a Jiffy Lube Franchise make per year? Average Jiffy Lube Franchise Profit/Income/Earnings

Jim Hindman opened in 1979 the first Jiffy Lube business in seven location of the western part of USA. Later, in 1990, Jiffy Lube was acquired by Penzoil-Quaker State Co., which was then acquired in 2002 by Shell Oil Company. Jiffy Lube offers not just standard filter and oil change but also a preventive maintenance service for a customer’s vehicle. There are some requirements that must be fulfilled in order to become a Jiffy Lube franchisee such as: management ability, business experience and a net worth of $450,000. Jiffy Lube have 2025 franchises with annual sales of $1, 5 billions.

by Susan White on Thu, 02/17/2011 - 12:37

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