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How much does a Hair Stylist/Hairdresser make per year? Hair Stylist/Hairdresser salary

The average pay for hair stylists in the United States is $34,000 per year. Determining your actual salary will involve several factors including your location, experience, and connections. More prestigious hair stylists can make $50,000 a year or more. Inexperienced starting hair stylists can expect to make closer to You can make a lot of money doing what you love.You can make a lot of money doing what you love.$25,000 per year. Running your own hair salon can often put the yearly earnings into the six digit range. There also many options available in the movie and television industry for well skilled hair stylists which provide a large boost to pay as well as connections that can really take you places. The hair stylist industry has a steady rate of growth and is very resistant to recessions, making it a very solid career choice. You might also be interested in our articles on how to become a hair stylist, the list of top hairstyling schools, the cost of beauty school and our guide to paying for Beauty School.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

by Kimberly Prescott on Fri, 01/15/2010 - 22:47

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