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How much does a Grant Writer make per year? Average Grant Writer Salary

Grant writing is the practice of completing formal and informal application processes by one party mostly a non-profit one, educational institution or business. A grant writer is a person who writes grants for these non profit organizations. A grant writer helps these organizations in fund raising process through relevant foundations and government opportunities. The salary for a grant writer varies depending upon the size of the organization and on the experience and efforts of the grant writer himself. The role of the grant writers being very important in fund raising, they are handsomely paid. The profit organization pays the grant writer in the range of 60000 dollars while the non-profit organization pay around 40000 dollars to 60000 dollars depending upon the size of the organization and the ability of the grant writer in fund raising. Some grant writers work as a private contractor and are paid on an hourly rate of around 40 dollars to 125 dollars depending upon the work and the need of the organization. However in no case the grant writer is paid on commission basis and should never be paid on commission basis. Thus the career as a grant writer is quite lucrative and rewarding as well.

by Margaret Walker on Fri, 10/08/2010 - 20:08

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