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How much does a Demolitions Expert make per Year? Average Annual Explosives Engineer Salary Range

Demolitions experts are masters of explosives and can be called upon to do their job in any number of ways: C4, thermite cutters, dynamite, and much more. But how much do these masters of disaster earned for their salaries? The average annual income of a demolitions expert with two years of experience is $47,000 per year. This average increases to $66,000 after 10 years on the job. The general salary range for demolitions experts is between $33,000 and $86,000 per year. The most skilled demolition experts and are in even higher salaries. For example, the top demolitions engineers in the world can demolish a skyscraper so that it collapse is perfectly onto its foundation, without damage to any other building in the area. The fee for this amazing feat is often in the range of the millions of dollars.

by Rachel Bassett on Sat, 06/19/2010 - 02:31

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