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How do you Summon Uber Diablo in Diablo 2? Diablo Clone Quest

Uber Diablo is a powerful new boss event in Diablo 2 who can drop the powerful new Annihilus Charm. Summoning Uber Diablo is not exactly straightforward however. First, you can only face him on the realms and on Hell difficulty (although there is an alternative for single player games). Next, a certain number of Stone of Jordan unique rings must be sold to merchants Uber Diablo in all his gloryUber Diablo in all his glorythroughout your particular realm. After the correct quota has been filled, a message will appear on your screen saying “Evil Walks the Earth”. The next Super Unique class monster that you encounter (Bishibosh, Pindleskin, etc.) will instead be the Diablo Clone. This can occur in any act and in any location. Be prepared for an epic battle!

by Rachel Bassett on Tue, 04/20/2010 - 13:32

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