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How Much does a Stenographer make per Year? Average Stenographer Salary Range

The need for skilled stenographers is steadily growing in today’s society, corresponding with the steady growth seen among large corporations. As a result, a skilled stenographer can pick and choose between job offerings as well as enjoy a high degree of job security in their chosen career. So how much does a stenographer make per year? The average stenographer salary is $34,500 per year according to recently carried out salary surveys among professionals currently working within this field. Employees starting out in the field can expect a salary of around $28,000 per year, which can easily grow to $43,000 per year or more after a few years of experience.

by Margaret Walker on Thu, 08/19/2010 - 02:04
I am stenographer by profession. I am interested in settling abroad UK, USA. Currently I stay in India. Your valuable guidance is solicited. Thank you.

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