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How Much Does a State Trooper Make Per Year? Average State Trooper Salary?

The job outlook for state troopers is good ,with an expected growth rate of 10% during the next 10 years. The average annual income of a state trooper is $50,000 that varies depending on job experience and place of work. Popular industries for the job include Law Enforcement, local government, Military, Armed Forces, college and universities. New York City, Nassau (New York), Paterson (New Jersey), San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Fresno, San Jose (all California), and Joliet (Illinois) are among the cities that pay higher salaries to state troopers. Also referred to as highway patrol officers, a state trooper’s main job is to enforce motor vehicle laws. They also assist traffic police during accidents to ensure the safety of citizens.

by Margaret Walker on Thu, 01/06/2011 - 03:16

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