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How Much Does a Burger King Franchise Make Per Year? Average Burger King Franchise Income/Earnings/Profit?

Burger King is the pioneer in the fast-food industry. Today, the Burger King system has over 11,000 restaurants in 50 states and 60 countries since opening its first international restaurant in 1963 in Puerto Rico. The average income of a Burger King franchise is $90,000 per year. About 90% of the Burger King units are owned and operated by independent franchisees. The steady growth of Burger King is mainly due to the franchisees. Burger King continues to create franchise opportunities around the world. The cost of investment is about $300,000, excluding the $50,000 initial franchise fee. The Burger King’s franchise agreement normally lasts for 20 years.

by Margaret Walker on Fri, 01/07/2011 - 05:21

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