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How Much Does An X-Ray Tech Make Per Year? Average X-Ray Technician Salary

There is a great demand for x-ray technicians as can be seen from the additional benefits such as bonus and incentives offered by several leading medical and healthcare centers to employ them. Salaries of x-ray technicians, also referred to as radiographers and radiologists, have been steadily growing over the last decade because of the nationwide demand. On average, they earn $50,000 yearly. About 60% of the jobs are in hospitals, while clinics, doctor’s and dentist’s offices account for the rest. An x-ray technician uses radiation in controlled measure to produce images of the body’s anatomy that help to detect tumors, cancers, or bone fractures. They are also familiar with other radiographic procedures such as ultrasound and mammograms.

by Margaret Walker on Wed, 01/05/2011 - 17:14

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