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How Much Does An Electrologist Make Per Year? Average Electrologist Salary

Electrologists can find a lot of employment opportunities in most areas. Many people take up the job to supplement their income. On average, an electrologist earns $20,000 per annum. Electrologists remove unwanted hair from the face or body permanently by a process known as electrolysis. They work in private offices or salons, while many others launch their own business after gaining a reasonable amount of experience. Electrologists use a fine needle to emit electronic waves into the hair follicle to destroy growth of cells within the follicle. In all, three types of electrolysis are commonly used by electrologists in the process. According to the American Electrologist Association, passing the IBEC Board examination after passing out from an electrolysis school is essential to become an Electrologist.

by Margaret Walker on Mon, 12/27/2010 - 22:23

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