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How Do I Raise My Credit Score?

Here are some quick and simple ways to increase your credit rating:

Don’t put unnecessary charges on your credit card. This can very quickly reduce your credit rating as well as lead to inadvertent late fees that have such a bad effect on your credit rating.

Regularly check your credit limit. This helps you keep track of your limitations so that you do not overspend, which is one of the worst ways to harm your credit and get in debt.
Protect your credit score!Protect your credit score!
Check your credit reports carefully. Any errors that may show up on these reports must be dealt with quickly so as to avoid any bad effect on your credit rating. The faster you deal with them the less damage is done.

If you have bad spots on your credit record you should challenge them and see if you can have them removed. Sometimes older charges won’t be checked on as thoroughly and will be ignored.

Pay off your credit cards before you pay off installment loans. This is because credit cards and other forms of revolving credit have much more of an affect on your rating than due installment loans.

Save your money before taking a loan. This will both the size of the required loan as well as increase your credit rating allowing you to take out a larger loan.

by Margaret Walker on Wed, 12/16/2009 - 18:30

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