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Hairstylist Job Description

Do you like doing your hair? If the answer is yes, then a career as a hairstylist could be just what you are looking for. Think of a hairstylist as someone who helps fulfill the dreams of others, making their hair into a work of art. Hairstylists spend nearly their entire work day cutting, styling, and coloring hair. The rest of the time they help to properly maintain their tools and appliances as well as clean the work area. The educational requirements for a career in hairstyling are quite low compared to other professions with similar pay. Hairstylists are only required to have skill in working with hair, generally obtained from a degree from a 2-year hairstyling program. You may also be interested in our articles about hairstylist salaries, how to become a hairstylist, the cost of beauty school, and a list of the best hairstyling schools.

by Susan White on Thu, 06/10/2010 - 02:53

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