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Garbage Man Job Description: Sanitation Workers

The sanitation department performs a key role in modern society. Sanitation workers, or garbage men, perform a valuable service to their community and get paid for doing it. One of the main tasks performed by a garbage man is operating a trash pickup route, driving a garbage truck to different housing stops and loading trash into their truck. At the end of the route, garbage men returned to the sanitation plant, compact their load, and dispose of it. But this is not the only task performed by garbage men. As seen on individual garbage man job descriptions, they are also in charge of operating machinery around the plant including water filtration equipment. Being a sanitation worker is often considered a hard job, but the pay is often high and you can rest easy knowing that you help society with an important issue. An additional plus is the lack of heavy educational requirements for this careeer.

by Susan White on Fri, 07/09/2010 - 01:10

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