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Diablo 2 Respec Cost: Repeatable Respecialization Using the Horadric Cube Recipe for the Token of Absolution in Patch 1.13

While it is abundantly clear that it is possible to respecialize your character in Diablo 2 since patch 1.13, what is not clear is how to do it besides the Den of Evil quest. The alternative and repeatable method uses a Horadric Cube recipe to create a special item called the Token of Absolution. Here is how to perform a respecialization in three easy steps:
How to respecialize more than once in Diablo 2How to respecialize more than once in Diablo 2
1. Collect the following ingredients (drop rate is about 1 in 13 for each)
-Twisted Essence of Suffering from Hell Andariel or Hell Duriel
-Charged Essence of Hate from Hell Mephisto
-Burning Essence of Terror from Hell Diablo
-Festering Essence of Destruction from Hell Baal
2. Place these all in your Horadric Cube and transmute.
3. This will create the Token of Absolution, which can be used to reset your skills and stat points.

by Rachel Bassett on Mon, 04/05/2010 - 05:09

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