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How Much Will a DUI Increase My Car Insurance?

Insurance companies follow a general pattern concerning insurance rate increases caused by DUIs In general a DUI will increase your insurance rate by as much or more than $500 annually. However other factors come into play; the exact degree each factor plays is determined by the individual insurance company in question. The level of blood-alcohol at the time of the arrest is very important. If you are just above legal Don't drink and drive, or car insurance will be the least of your worries.Don't drink and drive, or car insurance will be the least of your worries.driving limit, that is .08%, it will have much less of an effect reducing the overall penalty by as much as 80%. Having a much higher blood alcohol level, approaching .12% or higher is considered much more severe and can multiply the penalty by as much as three times. Your general driving and criminal record also come into play and can help and harm you depending on how good they are.

by Margaret Walker on Thu, 12/10/2009 - 07:18

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