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Cover Girl Liquid Eyeliner Pen Review

I don’t want you but I’ve really been looking for a nice cheap eyeliner that I can depend on. I like to look my best and I don’t want to sacrifice too much quality just to save a few bucks. I was always kind of stuck in this dilemma, never really knowing which brand to buy and trying them Cover Girl Liquid Eyeliner Pen PictureCover Girl Liquid Eyeliner Pen Pictureall and coming up empty. That is until I found the Cover Girl Liquid Eyeliner Pen. I picked one up for only a few dollars and so I kept thinking to myself there is no way that this could be a quality product. Girl was I wrong! 1 May that it was so easy to apply why try it, just slipping on like it was meant to be there. I really like that feeling, that rich smooth feeling from getting my look just right. My eyes looked amazing. They really helped to define and intensify the areas around my eyes bringing them out so you could really see their color. I’ve got to say this is a really good buy, better than a lot of the more expensive brands.

by gotbaka on Tue, 12/08/2009 - 03:34

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