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Company Secretary Job Description

The job description of the secretary often varies from company to company, however, many duties are still common across all companies and industries, and organizational types. In most large organizations today, secretaries are referred to as administrative assistant, or admin for short. Administrative assistant typically assist one executive, although in some cases the secretary can be shared by several executives.

As a result of this, the specific requirements and duties on a day-to-day basis will depend on what the executive needs. Administrative assistants might help organize calendars, convened meetings, attend meetings and create meeting notes, take dictation, assist with travel expense reports, and so on. Administrative assistants may also help with the organizing of files, e-mail, and assist in office manager tasks, including managing budget documents, and submitting reports. Administrative assistants also often help in booking travel, and organizing major meetings that involve travel, and schedule coordination.

The median salary for a secretary in 2010 is $32,000. Many companies today preferentially hire administrative assistant who have training in this area, whether it be vocational school or even business school training. Beyond a good resume, making a good impact in the initial interview is a critical part of becoming hired as a secretary in today's competitive job market.

by Margaret Walker on Mon, 06/28/2010 - 01:15

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