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Clinique Quickliner Review

I love spending a lot of time on making my makeup looked just right. The other problem is that recently I got a job as a waitress and well it’s a little hectic. I really have time to fix my makeup as I’m speeding out the door to make it to work. But I also want to look my best so I asked a friend of mine who works in a fashion design store for help. She thought for a minute and she knew just what I needed. She said go get Clinique Quickliner. I went and picked some up and tried it out. I’ve never seen an eyeliner applied so quickly. It just slid right onto my skin and smoothed out evenly and quickly. And only that but it looked really nice too. My eyes were so well-defined and gleaming after it was on. Also it was really easy to remove, just soap and water and a Q-tip. For anyone who’s on the go like me but still wants to look their best, this is the eyeliner for you.
Update: oh my God so I was waiting tables the other day and wearing my amazing Quickliner, when I met the cutie I’ve always dreamed about. He just leaned in toward me as I came up to his table and said you have the most beautiful eyes. OMG I’m so happy!

by gotbaka on Tue, 12/08/2009 - 03:31

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