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Clinique Cream Shaper Eye Pencil Review

Until about a week ago I was never really an eyeliner sort of gal, analysts really just how wondered what the whole craze was about. I guess it was because I had a bad experience of eyeliner when I was in high school. I tried that liquid stuff they ran everywhere and made a giant mess on my face. It was a nightmare. I guess I was too willing to give it a second try so I asked a girl friend of mine what I should try. She showed me what she was using which was a Clinique Cream Shaper Eye Pencil. I tried out and I was immediately sold. The rich creamy liner just glided right onto my eyes and blended right in that it didn’t look too campy like I’ve seen a lot of eyeliner do. I was afraid that it was getting irritated my eyes like I remember doing in the past but no! it was actually really comfortable and my eyes didn’t itch at all. When I got over how nice it was to wear that I looked in the mirror and was starting to what a nice effect it had on my look. It had such nice smooth texture and really just made my eyes look gorgeous. Let me tell you I went out and bought my own as soon as I could in a fabulous black diamond color. If you’ve always been a little unsure of eyeliner like I was then you’ve got to try the Clinique Cream Shaper Eye Pencil. It’s a liberating experience.

by gotbaka on Mon, 12/07/2009 - 03:15

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