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Can you have a Pet Seal? Legal Domesticated Seals

Anyone who has seen a seal knows how cute they are and has probably wondered if it is possible to keep one as a pet. The answer is yes and it is in fact even legal. However, there are heavy restrictions and limitations for keeping a seal as a pet. First of all, you must spend an enormous Legally domesticated seals can make amazing petsLegally domesticated seals can make amazing petsamount of money on the facilities needed to house the animal as well as a lot of time required to care for the animal. In most states and countries, special permission from a government animal control agency is required to keep a seal. In some cases it is actually illegal. In other cases a scientific license may be required as well. But if you can manage to get all the legal obstructions out of the way as was the financial issues, then a seal can make an excellent pet.

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by Susan White on Tue, 05/11/2010 - 02:41

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