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Call of Duty: Zombies for iPad Review

What better way to spend an afternoon than blast a bunch of zombies with your friends? Call of Duty: Zombies does just that. The gameplay is simple, but fun: Get cool guns, kill lots of zombies ala first person shooter. Graphically speaking, COD: Zombies is one of the best-looking games available for the iPad and comes with support for top-notch multiplayer coop over Game Center. The game was originally released with a hefty price tag and an additional $5 charge for each additional map, but no more! The price has dropped to $5 for the entire game, with all maps included for free, making it a great buy for anyone who likes splattering brain-eaters with a shotgun. Overall Score: 9 out of 10
by Margaret Walker on Wed, 10/13/2010 - 00:43

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