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Boots No7 Liquid Eyeliner Review

I’ve always used pencil eyeliner. It just seems to apply so easy and never really causes much of a mess. I guess it’s because I had a bad experience with liquid eyeliner when I was younger. I never quite got over it, at least until I discovered Boots No7 Boots No7 Liquid Eyeliner PictureBoots No7 Liquid Eyeliner PictureLiquid Eye Liner. I never really realized how good look what eyeliner could be. It’s actually better than the pencil kind because you have greater control over the amount of supply and it doesn’t your two-year eyes as much when you’re putting on. Also if you want are particularly striking look I figured out that you can apply a coat of liquid eyeliner and then go in afterward with a pencil really touching up adding in detail that you never thought you could. It can really make you look extra chic. Oh and before I forget, this stuff is really cheap considering how good it is. It’s probably the best buy on eyeliner I’ve ever seen.

by gotbaka on Sun, 12/06/2009 - 23:04

OMG boots no 7 eyeliner is so good!


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