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Bobbi Brown Creamy Eye Pencil Review

Most days I feel like I should just save my money and buy the cheapest thing that’ll get me by. But then they’re those other days when I feel like wow I’m alive and I really need to get out there and just splurge because it really makes me feel liberated! Now I don’t know about you girls but I love eyeliner. Most the time I just buy whatever gets me by and doesn’t look too bad and is nice and cheap. Allow me tell you when you’re in that splurging mood like I was, you really need to do what I did. I bought Bobby Brown’s Creamy Eye Pencil. You need to try it! I applied it to my eyes so easily and it came out smooth and even with a really nice texture. My eyes were just glamorous, just singing with color! It was so intense and the richness of the cream base was really noticeable. And only that but it was easy to remove later on, just a Q-tip and some water, little bit of soap. I’m telling you ladies, the Bobby Brown Creamy Eye Pencil oh really revitalize your look.

Update: I thought all this was too good to be true and that my cash had just gone right out the window, but no! It’s lasted almost a year, just that one little bottle!

by gotbaka on Mon, 12/07/2009 - 02:45

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