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Best way to keep cats from clawing your furniture

Cats that have not been declawed can be a real menace to your interior decoration! They can trash your drapes, sofas, upholstery, even hardwood furniture items!

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There are several ways to address this problem, some work better than others:

- Have your cat declawed. This will not make your cat particularly happy, and is a somewhat painful and potentially dangerous procedure that you will need to have your vet perform. However, it does guarantee that your furniture will be safe from very small, very sharp claws.

- Get a scratching post. This will ameliorate the problem, but will probably not solve it. Although cats do enjoy scratching posts, they also enjoy using your Italian leather sofa as a scratching post too, and will likely continue to do so.

- Hire an animal trainer. This is expensive, but an animal trainer can potentially condition your cat through repeated training to not trash your furniture.

- Trim your cat's nails. This is a lot of work, and your cat will be very unhappy with you, but you can buy a kitty nail clipper and use it to trim your cats nails so that they are not sharp.

- Buy Soft Paws-branded nail covers. These are essentially little plastic items that fit over your cats claws, rounding them out so that the cat will not be able to trash your furniture. Usually only needs to be installed and then will last for a while.

by Margaret Walker on Sat, 05/15/2010 - 15:08

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