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Average Cost of an AAA Membership 2011

The average cost of an AAA membership in 2011 is $60, including an annual primary membership fee of $50 and a one-time enrollment fee of $10. You can also get plus membership for extra towing miles and free fuel delivery for another $82. Roadside assistance is the first and most important benefit of American Automobile Association or Triple `A’ membership. Once you enroll as a member, you are given a coupon code that is fully protected and cannot be misused. AAA members can use their membership cards for getting discounts at more than 66,000 retail locations, hotels and restaurants. It offers travel services and discounts to over 50 million people in the US and Canada. One quarter of all US households use AAA membership cards.

by Margaret Walker on Wed, 01/19/2011 - 11:34

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