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Average Cost of Solar Panels for Home Use?

Solar panels for home use are sold by wattage (power) output, so the average cost of a solar panel depends on how much power output you want. Most homes require multiple solar panels connected together to produce enough power to power the home. In addition, a separate battery pack is generally required.

Picture of a solar panelPicture of a solar panel

For example, many 68 Watt solar panels for home use cost about US $280. This is enough to power one 60 watt lightbulb. Since most homes require more power than this, you will need to think about how many watts your home uses. For example, a central-air air conditioner for a medium-sized home draws about 3500 watts of power, so you would need a fair number of solar panels of this size to power a large heating and cooling system (one of the most expensive things electrically in a typical home).

by Margaret Walker on Wed, 05/26/2010 - 00:51

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