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Autopsy Technician Job Description

Working with dead bodies is not for everyone. However, if this idea intrigues you, there could be a good career ahead of you in autopsy work. Autopsy technicians work side by side with medical examiners to make educated assertions about the deceased. The most common of these is cause of death. Autopsy technicians examine certain Autopsy technicians at workAutopsy technicians at worksymptoms and signs such as internal bleeding, body temperature, superficial wounds, and abnormal changes to different organs. Autopsy technicians can’t be squeamish, as their job often gets quite messy. Besides the autopsy itself, a technician must also gather the subject’s medical history, write thorough reports about the procedure, and often testify in criminal and civil court as to the facts. Autopsy technicians require a bachelor’s degree in biology or nursing, which is significantly less than the requirements of medical examiners. This makes this profession more readily accessible, but also a bit lower paid, in comparison.

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by Susan White on Wed, 06/09/2010 - 00:34

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