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Are Macs more powerful/faster than PCs?

In terms of raw specs, Macs are the same speed as PCs because they use the same underlying hardware: both use Intel Core 2 Duo or other Intel central processing units (CPUs), similar hard drives, memory, etc. However, Macs use a different operation system, Mac OS X instead of Windows.

Mac OS X is based on Linux/UNIX and so it behaves and performs differently than Windows. Many common problems that occur in Windows, such as clicking on a program in the task bar, only to have the computer freeze up while the program is "disk swapped" back into memory do not happen because UNIX has a differrent memory manager. In addition, Macs do not tend to get viruses or spyware because no one has created significant ammounts of viruses and spyware for the Mac. On the whole, therefore, it is the general consensus that Macs are somewhat faster, although for specific applications such as gaming, they are likely to be slower than PCs.

Mac and PCMac and PC

by Margaret Walker on Sun, 01/03/2010 - 11:29

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