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Annuity Broker Job Description - 10 Reasons to Know

Ten reasons for consulting an Annuity broker- 1)Gives the required information to take right decisions. 2) Ensures that the investor gets the best. 3)Consulting an annuity broker helps to decide which annuity to invest in. 4)Provides accurate information on annuity rates. 5)Ensures that the investor makes good investments. 6)Annuity broker act as an independent financial consultant. 7)Interprets the terms and conditions of the annuity that a client wants to invest in. 8)They are trustworthy and ensures that the clients don't make any dubious investment. 9)It is advisable to follow their words strictly as they are more aware of the risks involved. 10)Ensures that the clients understand the tax benefits of the investment and encourages them to invest again and again.
by Margaret Walker on Wed, 10/06/2010 - 22:16

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