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Accounting Clerk Job Description

The primary function of an accounting clerk, is to perform a company's financial calculations, typically on a regular basis, often everyday. This may involve processing various invoices, accounts payable, receipts, analyzing daily fill, and then creating reports and summaries. Accounting clerk may also help process operations such as cashing checks, preparing financial statements, and reconciling financial account where required. Accounting clerks, therefore, handle the financial bookkeeping of the company in general on a day to day basis. In most cases, accounting clerks work with computer software, often databases of various kinds, as well as spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel.

Accounting clerks may also help process orders relayed customer, whether this involves handling the financial processing of the order, handling refunds, etc.

Training requirements are often relatively light, however, applicants need to have a strong understanding of basic accounting principles, and often have vocational training in this area. Strong applicants also typically have experience with various financial and accounting software, such as Quicken, Microsoft Excel, and various database systems such as PeopleSoft, etc. is often the case that some on-the-job training is required, as every company works differently, and an accounting clerk will need to be very aware of the ways in which a particular company functions.

by Margaret Walker on Tue, 06/29/2010 - 23:40

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